Who I am

My name is Federico Mazzoleni and I am a Environmental Hiking Guide of Piemonte, and since 2018 I am also an Official Guide of Val Grande National Park.

Naturtrekk Federico Mazzoleni

I was born near Varese, and I have been living in Cicogna with my wife, since 2004, to change my life. Fled from the city, I have “refugee” at the confines of the world, to find the contact with nature that has always attracted me.

Now I live among the mountains, enjoying the passing of the seasons and the outdoors.

I rediscover the ancient paths and abandoned alps full of history and memories of ancient times. I transmit my children the values that gives this simple life, respect for nature and animals, I meet them to explore the park, rich in charm and history of hard work.

I manage with my wife Sara the Bed & Breakfast CA’ DEL PITUR and the little bar&restaurant of Cicogna.

GEA Trekking Guide

A simple definition that contains, at 360 ° what this professional can pass on to their customers.

Valgrande National Park Official Guide

This recognition given by the Val Grande National Park distinguishes those figures who have a specific preparation on this territory.

The guide must not only know the trails and ensure safety, but also help the clients in reading of the territory, delving into naturalistic aspects, enriching them with the interpretation of the history and tradition of the local population, that in so decisive way, characterized the reality.


I am a passionate traveler, I saw many country in the world.


When I was young, due to economics reasons and also for lack of experience, I never used a local guide. Then, with maturity, I realized how much the contribution of a local person who daily “breathes” and participates in the local reality, can enhance the travel experience.

In the same way, I would like to help my clients to deeply merge with the environment in which they will.

I propose different itineraries in the Val Grande Park and also to measure