These conditions and general rules below constitute are the contract between you and Naturtrekk agency of Federico Mazzoleni.

The registration form represents the first step of this contract.



Your registration will be validated after the telematic submission of the registration form, It will be confirmed to you by e-mail.

Based on the degree of difficulty of the trekking, the number of participants may change.

For trekking with overnights in dedicated structures (refuges, agriturismi, hotels, b&b…) a deposit will be required.

The booking in these structures will be made by the guide before the trekking trip.

The fee paid by the guide will be shared among the participants.



In case of cancellation, decided by the guide, due to bad weather conditions, the trekking will be postponed without loss of the deposit.

If the cancellation is done by the client, within 10 days before the trekking trip, the deposit will be refunded, otherwise it will be lost.

NOt amount of money will be refunded al all in case a change occurs during the hiking due to clients’ physical condition.



In order to garantee safety, the guide’s decisions are unchallengeable.

In case of lack of security due to bad weather conditions, the guide can change or cancel the hiking.

Children and youths must be attended by their parents or by other relevant adults in charge of them.

Naturtrekk can refuse partecipants who are not able to do the trekk due to physical/medical concerns or if they are not adequately equiped.

Partecipants are covered by an civil liability insurance covering the whole duration of the hiking.



Naturtrekk uses all your personal data in compliance with the European Privacy Regulation (GDPR – REG UE 2016/679), you can find more info in the “privacy” section.

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